09-13-23 Plan Commission Meeting

The regular meeting of the Town Plan Commission for the Town of St. Croix Falls was called to order by Chairman Mike Dorsey at 6:00 p.m. on Wednesday, September 13, 2023, at the Town Hall.  Proper notice was given as the notice was published in the August 30, 2023, and September 6, 2023, editions of the Inter County Leader and the agenda was posted at the town hall and on the town’s website September 8, 2023.  The Pledge of Allegiance was said.  Present by roll call were Chairman Mike Dorsey, members Dave Berg, Stacy Bergmann, Rick Katzmark, Gus Koecher, Kevin Rector and Kyle Yunker.  Alternate member Jeremy Appel did not stay for the meeting as a quorum was present.  Also present were town clerk Janet Krueger; zoning administrator Ben Campbell and legal counsel Adam Jarchow.  Others present were Jennifer and Mark Arriola; Georganne and Theodore Tolaas, and Cherie and Steve Kotlinek.

Katzmark/Yunker moved to approve the agenda; motion carried.  Yunker/Koecher moved to approve the July 12, 2023, meeting minutes; motion carried.

No public comment was had.

Public Hearing – Special exception request for a Bed and Breakfast at 2142 Poplar Lane.

The public hearing opened at 6:03 p.m.  The applicants introduced themselves and presented their request for a bed and breakfast.  Mr. Tolaas requested the commission not grant the bed and breakfast due to concerns of the lake being over fished; use of private driveways used to turn around; road safety for the existing residents; and property values being affected.  Mr. Tolaas requested if the special exception was granted that the property owners be required to extend a privacy fence along the property.  The commission read additional comments sent to the town hall regarding the special exception request.  The written comments expressed the same concerns as identified by Mr. Tolaas and another adjacent property owner requested a security fence be erected between the properties.  The public hearing closed at 6:13 p.m.

Yunker/Rector moved to recommend town board approval of the bed and breakfast special exception request with the following conditions:  the special exception shall terminate upon the sale or transfer of ownership of either the parcels of land or the business itself; any formal complaint lodged against the use in the first year of operation will lead to an automatic review of the Special Exception by the Plan Commission and/or Town Board at the next possible meeting; and the Business will obey all laws and maintain all proper licenses and permits; motion carried on a unanimous roll-call vote, 7-0.

Zoning administrator Ben Campbell stated that the town’s zoning ordinance wasn’t completely clear on the side yard setbacks for lots over 100 feet wide and proposed changing the set back to 10 feet per side instead of “an aggregate of 25 feet with no single yard less than 10 feet”.  Rector/Koecher moved to have proposed language drafted for the side yard setback in the residential, transitional and agricultural districts be 10 feet per side; motion carried. 

No closing public comment was had.

There being no further business, Katzmark/Rector moved to adjourn the meeting; motion carried and the meeting was adjourned at 6:30 p.m.

Minutes prepared by Janet Krueger, town clerk.