Snow Plowing Routes

During Winter Snow Storms roads are plowed according to their priority.

When Polk County pulls their plow trucks off the roads due to the weather the Town plow truck is also pulled.

An (*) indicates boundary roads.  If you live in the Town on a boundary road your section of the road may not be maintained by the Town of St. Croix Falls.  (Boundary roads are divided by the state between the municipalities that it borders.  In addition an agreement may exist with the adjoining municipality for the road maintenance.)  

The town requires swing-away mailbox supports.  Please keep snow clear of your mailbox.  Mailboxes should be a minimum of 12" from the pavement edge (not over handing the pavement) and the bottom of the mailbox should be at least 42" from the ground.

#1 Priority Roads

140th Avenue
160th Avenue
200th Street
208th Street
Sunshine Street
Tin Man Road
220th St N of Hwy8*

#2 Priority Roads

120th Avenue (Traprock Drive)
125th Avenue
150th Avenue (200th St to 180th St)
160th Avenue*
170th Avenue
180th Avenue*
180th Street*
210th Street
220th Street S of Hwy 8*
235th Street
Fairgrounds Road
Lenard Street
River Road

#3 Priority Roads

Dead End Roads
122nd Avenue
150th Avenue & Allen’s Road
165th  Avenue
207th Street
Anderson Avenue
Dans Avenue
Lees Avenue
Leo Street
Neils Street
Nyberg Court
Peer Avenue
Tn Rd 49

You may contact the Town Hall during regular business hours with questions regarding maintenance of the Town Roads.  In addition Town Board phone numbers are listed on the website HERE.